How to win friends and influence people

How to win friends and influence people


Dale Carnegie (1888-1955)  “How to win friends and influence people” is one of the world best selling book. More than 30 million copies worldwide have been sold. It is a self-help, motivational, psychological book full of advice on how to win friends in this always-changing world and how to make influence people around you.

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Some main points from the book:

How to have a good relationship with people

  1. Be more positive and do not let criticism get into your life;
  2. Be more appreciate for other people and their impact on your life;
  3. Show your passion to other people to boost that person’s involvement.

How to make people like you

  1. Do more in your life that will increase your image;
  2. Put a real smile on your face. There are a lot of things which make us smile every day;
  3. Remember the names. People adore their names in their native language;
  4. Less talk more listen. It is much easier than to talk wisely;
  5. People are social creatures, make them feel that they are essential to you. Find what unites both parties.

What are the top 10 ways to win friends and influence people?

  1. Avoid arguments;
  2. Respect other people’s opinions. Even if it looks wrong to you, it is still can be a real or personal position which we need to respect;
  3. If you are wrong in any case, admit it as soon as you can and apologies. It will show your transparency and honesty;
  4. Be friendly from the beginning;
  5. Communicate with people in that way that they will say “Yes” from the beginning. It will create a positive flow;
  6. Communicate less, let the other talk more;
  7. Give a person a feeling that he or she is the primary author of the idea;
  8. Be wiser and look at the point from the other person’s side;
  9. Take other people’s ideas more seriously and sympathize;
  10. Have more noble motives in your daily life actions.

Be a leader for others

  1. Be honest to people and their actions;
  2. Talk with people about their mistakes with solutions;
  3. Bring your mistakes on the table before criticizing;
  4. Before giving an orders ask questions, this will reduce the number of requests;
  5. Let others become heroes;
  6. Work for even a small improvement in everyday life;
  7. Protect and increase other people reputation;
  8. Encourage others;
  9. Please give a reason for others to be happy while they are working on what you have been ordered.