Rich dad poor dad audiobook

Rich dad poor dad audiobook

Rich dad poor dad audiobook
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Run time: 6 hours 09 mins 

Often touted as the number one personal finance book of all time, Rich Dad Poor Dad: What the Rich Teach Their Kids About Money has challenged and revolutionized the way people view opportunities granted to them and what to do to change their financial future.

It is so easy to spend your whole life not doing things you’re passionate about simply because you don’t know how to escape the monotony of everyday life, going to a job, paying bills, rinse repeat. Most people end up spending all their lives without any investments and living from paycheck to paycheck.

Who is Robert Kiyosaki?

Robert Kiyosaki, a passionate advocate for financial education, explores the depths to which money controls our lives, emotions, and soul. The author of this book is an American who grew up in Hawaii in a somewhat middle-class household where his “poor dad” taught him the value of working hard to earn an income. He is a private financial education company owner, which provides business education and personal finance services in the form of books and videos.

What the audiobook is about

The 9 hours 6 minutes of listening content is thought-provoking. Robert shares his experience by introducing us to the story of his two father figures — his real father, who’s educated with a PhD and his best friend’s “rich dad,” who’s business-oriented and dropped out of high school. Growing up around both “parents,” he could clearly see the stark difference between the rich and poor’s mindsets regarding money. His account draws from lessons and principles from his rich dad that shaped his perspectives about personal finance and investment strategies. The messages at odds with popular opinion back then are even more relevant and impactful.

The ways the rich teach their kids about how financial systems work is very different from how poor and middle class people shine light on the same. Robert’s book advocates for having your money work for you instead of the endless circle of having to work for your money.

In this business book, the author points out the traditional mistakes the poor make while handling their finances and how the school system does not focus on financial literacy. He implores everyone to learn about the financial market, accounting, taxes, and investing and use the information to better their lives.

From this audiobook, you learn the true difference between asset and liability. Robert Kiyosaki defines an asset as anything that puts money in your pocket, while a liability is anything that takes money out of your pocket. According to Robert, one wrong thing the poor and middle class people do is spending their lives dumping money into liabilities instead of assets. A good example of assets you should invest in include real estate, royalties, and stock. Robert goes on to debunk the myth that your house is an asset.

Business literature reader Stephen Hoye narrates Robert’s personal experience and unconventional wisdom in Rich Dad, Poor Dad in such convincing fashion. By the time you’re through listening to the book, you’ll learn to ignore any excuses and doubts and find ways to take control of your own financial situation. It is one of those books everyone should listen to.


Is Rich Dad Poor Dad a best seller?

It’s a classic defined as the bible of personal finance and for good reason. The book has succeeded in empowering audiences to adopt a success mindset. It’s easy to see why it’s received New York Times bestseller ratings, 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon, good customer reviews, and translated into different languages around the world.

Is Rich Dad Poor Dad on Audible?

Yes, it’s available. But here, it is narrated by Tim Wheeler, who has mixed customer reviews.

Is Rich Dad Poor Dad legit?

According to researchers who went to dig up evidence about the existence of the “rich dad” who owns real estate on the island of Hawaii, he is not real. When asked, Robert responded, “Is Harry Potter real? Why don’t you let Rich Dad be a myth, like Harry Potter?”

What happened to Rich Dad Poor Dad?

The book continues to stir up a lot of attention, both good and bad.